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How to prepare I-9

Open up the form's template
Filling in I-9 online and mailing it electronically can help you save plenty of time and effort. Use our effective editor to read, fill in, and send the sample.
Fill out the blank
Now you may complete all parts of the form and sign the file digitally. Double-check if information presented is precise and error-free.
Deliver digitally
As soon as you click the DONE button, the finished form will be saved, and you could deliver it by email or print it out and send it at any convenient time.

What Is Blank Fillable I9?

Employment Eligibility Verification, better known as the I-9, is a document provided by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. 

A good reason for filling out this sample is to see worker’s documents and finally make sure that the person has permission to work in the USA. 

The list of required docs is included on the last page. If you use volunteers or contractual services, you don’t need to complete it.

If the employee has problems with understanding English, it’s better to use the services of a translator or preparer and indicate this in the appropriate box.

There are various versions of this sample accessible on the Internet and many of them are not valid anymore. Pay no attention to the date in the right top corner. You should find the revision date located in the bottom left-hand corner and check it.

This document was prepared by hand for many years (since its introduction in 1987) and in 2004, people could finally fill it electronically. And we have made the completion of a new I-9 form 2023 even more convenient. 

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  3. Enter text in fillable fields and correct them if needed.
  4. Press Tab or Enter on your keyboard to go fill each of the needed areas.
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  6. Certify the doc using the Sign tool.
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Who Completes the Form I-9?

The main purpose of this document is the legalness of employment verification. Every person who works in the United States must fill out this blank together with an employer. An employee fills in Section 1 on the first day of hiring and a company completes Section 2 during the first three days of the employee’s work.

Template Completion Frequency

This document must be completed once when hiring US citizens or people who have permanent permission for living in the USA, excluding cases that occur after more than a year break of employment. Workers from other countries should fill in the form every time their documents expire and are renewed.

Penalties for Noncompliance

You should not underethe importance of the proper completion of this doc. The I-9 noncompliance provides penalties. A person who gives false information must pay fines or can be imprisoned. Hiring an unauthorized worker can be fined from $250 to $5,500 per employee.

How to Complete the 2023 I-9 Form Online

  1. Click the green Get button to open it in our ultimate PDF editor. 
  2. Add information to special fillable fields.
  3. Use the Wizard tool or Help section if you're having difficulties with completion.
  4. Navigate pressing the Tab or Enter button, so you don't miss any field in the i-9 2020.
  5. Check the correctness of your data.
  6. Sign the form to certify it.
  7. In case of any problems, contact our Customer support.
  8. When everything is complete, click Done to download, send or create a hard copy with this template.

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Decrease the possibility of errors preparing forms digitally

File preparation usually associated with piles of papers, such as I-9 , that must be filled out with absolute diligence. However you try, there is always a huge possibility you could accidentally enter the incorrect information or miss one. To avoid the extra hustle and feel more confident when working on files, submit them electronically. This way, you'll eliminate the chance of misstatements and make sure that your forms will be legible and error-free.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing I-9

Instructions and Help about I-9

How to Fill Out Form I-9 Hi everyone, I'm Priyanka Prakash, Senior Staff Writer at Fund era, and today I'm going to walk you through how to fill out Form I-9: Employment Eligibility Verification, which can be downloaded from USCIS.gov. This form must be completed for all paid employees to verify their work eligibility and work status in the United States. Employers and employees share in the completion of the form. Let's start with section one, which should be filled out by the employee their first day on the job. Employers should pr the form to the employee to fill out Section 1, along with instructions for the forum which are available at USCIS.gov. Today, I'm going to play the part of both employee and employer. Starting as the employee, I'm going to fill out Section 1 with my name, address, and date of birth. Entering your social security number is optional unless the employer participates in E-verify. If the employer participates in E-verify, and you have a social security number, you must pr that in Section 1. If you don't have a social security number, or haven't received one yet, you should leave this field blank. Email address and phone number are optional, though the USCIS may contact you if there's a mismatch between the information provided in this form and the information that's in other government records. If you choose not to premier address or phone number, you cannot leave those fields blank. You would have to type in N/A if you don't want to pr that information.

Common Mistakes

Utilizing the wrong Social Security Number
Forgetting to sign your return
Mailing your blank to the mistaken address
Overlooking the deadline
Failure to prepare a copy of certified return

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FAQ - I-9

What is the purpose of I-9 ?
Most of the documents you file are to be used to support the application of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), as well as other federal regulations and programs. The documents we refer to under this category are: Employee's Eligibility Certificate (EEC), Immigrant's Employment Authorization Document Credible Inquiries and Affidavits, Certification and Authorization for Aliens and Form I-739. We refer to the latter form as Form I-739E because it is completed and dated with the “Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)” title. What are the forms that my client files? For information, please see: The types of documents that I-739-E and I-898-E must be filed with. For further guidance on using forms, please see Form I-739-E and Form I-898-E Frequently Asked Questions. I-898-E is only required when: The alien requests I-739-E because of an immediate threat of death or substantial bodily harm to himself or herself, his or her immediate family members, or others; The alien can establish that his or her refusal to return to his or her home country would pose an immediate threat of death or substantial bodily harm to himself or herself or to his or her immediate family members if that person were to return; or The person can establish that his or her refusal to return to his or her home country would pose an immediate threat of death or substantial bodily harm to him or her. I-739-E and I-898-E must be signed by the applicant The applicant must sign either Form I-739-E or Form I-898-E. However, a witness may sign form I-739-E instead of the alien by using Form I-739A (also found on your I-797 application) If the applicant is over age 65, the witness cannot sign Form I-739-E.
Who should complete I-9 ?
If you already take time off to care for a seriously ill family member, consider completing I-9 to show that you're doing the right thing and providing benefits to the beneficiary. If you don't have family ties to the beneficiary, the I-9 should say your reason for seeking benefits and any employment information you have, if required by I-9. Some agencies and employers may request this information. Be careful about asking how you want your benefits to be paid if you have health insurance, and you don't need money from I-9. Ask your job about your benefits to avoid being asked to pay the bill on your behalf. Your employer may want your EIC, I-9 or S-3 form to authorize them to collect your benefits. If they do, request a copy of those forms, along with more information. Some employers and agencies may require you to complete I-9 to provide benefits for the beneficiary, but they won't ask you for this information until after they begin collecting benefits. For example, the law requires employers to provide health insurance, so you need an I-9 to provide your defendants coverage.
When do I need to complete I-9 ?
When you take the first step toward an employment-based green card. After filing the Form I-766 petition, you must complete I-9 every six months. You do not have any more time to complete the forms once you file them. You have 60 days starting on the day you file the petition to file I-9 and 120 days starting on the last day for your green card. If the information on the I-9 forms does not match the info on the I-94, you have to go to another embassy for a “refusal to proceed.” I-9 does not contain any information beyond what's listed in the Form I-766, such as citizenship status. I-98E Is required prior to my interview date? Yes. Your interview date is usually the second week of October, and you will need to provide evidence to establish why you want to apply for admission to the United States; such as: proof of US residency in the United States for at least 6 months, evidence that you are not applying for a visa but for permanent residence, evidence that your visa status has not been revoked, a letter from your employer stating your intent to remain employed in the United States as of your interview date, or certification to the IRS that you are not the spouse or dependent of a US resident or citizen and that you cannot leave the United States without the permission of the employer. Please note that when you file Form I-766, I-866 and I-867 with USCIS (USCIS will accept the Form I-867 forms in lieu of providing a fee waiver) the dates listed in the petition do not constitute a formal interview date. I-766 and I-867 are not required to be completed before making an interview date for admission to the United States. If you are applying for a non-immigrant visa, you will receive a letter from the consular officer informing you of your interview date. That letter will include a waiver form, which you must complete as a part of the form I-859. The waiver of required documentation to file an I-859 is granted only after showing why you believe that the consular officer or an immigration officer will be deceived or confused about certain elements of your situation and why you need the waiver (i.e.
Can I create my own I-9 ?
An I-9 can be created for a company (as per the I-9 Standard or I-9 N Standard) if you are a new company or, less technically, if you are a business that is no longer in business. Also, you do not have legal authority to create it yet and have to wait and find someone that does. You must create the I-9 prior to filing your tax return. You need to contact the IRS to request an original form (I-9NR or I-9NR-EZ). It takes a few months to get approved. To find out how to do so, visit the IRS website at. Should I file with Form 1040A or 1040? There are not any advantages or disadvantages in creating either Form 1040A or Form 1040. Use this information for guidance. The form that you create can be used for you or for your company. However, the form that you will use to file your taxes (Form 1040) is the most common form used by small businesses. How do I create an I-9NR? You can create your own I-9NR by mailing the above information to: INS Service Center IRS Center P.O. Box 24894 Atlanta, GA 30341-894 Or via electronic service (please call us) by using any of the following options: Visit IRS.gov: Visit for a current list of available electronic services (e-File). Call toll-free, and request online service. A representative will direct you to complete your electronic application with tax documents. Download, print, and complete Form IT-2025, Application to Establish a Business or Trade Name. We will process the application in about 5 business days and return the completed form to your address. File your Form 1040 with the I-9NR When you have completed the process to create an I-9NR, you are required to file Form 1040 with the I-9NR by March 15 of the succeeding tax year. We will also notify you of the information that you provided and any adjustments.
What should I do with I-9 when it’s complete?
When it is completed, you will get an e-mail that indicates you have entered an I-9. You can then go to an employer Website, such as the I-9 Portal on the Department of Labor, to download the form, complete it, sign and date it, and then mail it off to the appropriate agency that requires that you submit an I-9 form. You need not send these forms to an agency where you may be competing for jobs. For example, if you are currently a candidate with another employer for a position, you will not be required to submit I-9 Form with your application. However, if you are seeking a job in another state, it is highly recommended that you submit an I-9 with your application. Who makes the decision whether to accept I-9 Forms from all eligible employers? The Department of Labor (DOL) is responsible for making the final determination about whether an employer is required to fill out I-9 Form. If the DOL denies your request to fill out an I-9, and/or if the employer is not filling out your request, you will have to complete Part 2 of the application and then pay for a non-refundable filing fee. You should expect to be asked questions on Part 2 of the application about the I-9 Form.
How do I get my I-9 ?
Visit I-9 Online from your My I-9 page. I-9 Certification If you are a business owner, you can get your certificate in the mail. Businesses that operate outside the U.S. (including state governments) Your state or municipality can require the I-9, as long as you meet all the required criteria. You have to have a physical address on file with your tax authority. The address must be within the U.S. Your U.S. mailing address must match the mailing address from which you are accepting I-9 forms. Use the following link to search for I-9 Certification. For information specific to individual states, including links to requirements and requirements for organizations, download Certification Requirements for Individuals.
What documents do I need to attach to my I-9 ?
Do not attach documents that you do not consider appropriate. Also, no personal papers should be submitted. The purpose of the I-9 is to facilitate the appropriate review of the I-6 to facilitate an individual's admission to the United States. Personal property and other irrelevant documents are not considered. I need help filing my I-9. How can I get it ready for submission? There are a number of tools that you can use on your computer or phone to speed up the registration process: The I-9 can be submitted electronically using U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services' (USCIS) online submission system. You can download and use the forms below to submit the I-9. The forms take about 2 – 3 minutes to complete. You will also need a U.S. Passport that will be presented with your form. The passport will be marked, “USCIS” on the face of the passport itself. The passport must be valid at least 6 months before submitting. Once submitted, your I-9 will be forwarded to USCIS for processing. You can learn more about the online submission system here. You can also mail a completed application along with a 10.00 fee and a copy of your federal tax return or other financial documentation to: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services P.O. Box 979050 Philadelphia, PA 19 I don't live in the U.S. Can I still file for a green card on my I-9? Yes. The I-9 allows you to petition for yourself as a foreign national who has lived outside the United States. Is there a penalty for missing a monthly report? Yes, there is a 5.00 fee to file a missing I-9 each month. You will receive a warning when you miss more than 5 of the first 15 payments. Do I still need to report my child and spouse if I get married? You must report such persons if they are under 21 years of age, or they legally marry during the three-month period ending March 24 or the end of September in the same year the I-9 was filed. How long do I have to file my I-9 after I arrive in the U.S.
What are the different types of I-9 ?
I-9 forms a summary of the applicant's personal history and any other matters pertaining to his/her job, including the period of employment, pay schedule, and other conditions of employment. The I-9 form usually contains any special instructions the employer requires or requests. Each employer is required to send the I-9 form, along with the employer's signature along with the Form I-9 and other documents, to the USCIS officer. The USCIS officer has the authority to issue an endorsement, with an expiration date, for the employer's employee, which permits the employee to work and stay in the United States. A copy of the employee's I-9 endorsement must be forwarded to the employer to certify the employee's status. If the USCIS officer approves the employment (see below), then the Form I-9 is filed with the US Department of Labor and is issued for three years, unless the I-9 is extended or denied. I-9 endorsements are valid for 3 years from the date the Form I-9 is filed. How can an employer request an employee's Form I-9 to validate the employment of an employee for 3 years? Employers are authorized to submit Form I-9 to the USCIS. This form is required by federal law to confirm the validity of the employment of an unauthorized immigrant in the United States and is useful as evidence of the employment. The employer must include a letter, stating the grounds for an employer's request for an I-9, which must be received by the USCIS officer. The letter must identify the employee and the employment. The letter must contain the type of employment, the date and place of employment, the job classification and the pay grade sought, and the duration of the application. The employer must send the Form I-9 to the USCIS within 5 working days after having received a copy from the employee. If the employee does not approve the request within three days, the request is automatically denied. The Form I-9 endorsement does not have an expiration date.
How many people fill out I-9 each year?
The U.S. Census Bureau reports that there were 5.2 million Americans who had a temporary visa in 2014. The Department of Homeland Security and Census Bureau do not publish precise figures on how many people fill out an I-9 every year, but the most common number is 10.3 million. Is it possible someone is hiding their permanent residence under the I-9? Yes. If someone is claiming permanent residence in the United States, he or she cannot receive a green card through an immigration lawyer. A person's green card status can change from green card to no status. To obtain a green card from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, an immigrant must prove he or she has been in the United States continuously and has met the requirements to become a U.S. citizen. A green card holder may be required to pay federal, state, and local taxes for an entire lifetime, unless his or her green card is being used to seek an employment contract. Can I get a green card through any other means? Yes. Although the U.S. has several other immigration-related green card pathways like employment agreements and fiancée visas, they do not grant permanent residence through any other legal path. Will my temporary work visa become permanent residence? U.S. citizens who hold a temporary visa and meet the other requirements to apply for permanent residence may apply for it through a work-sponsored application program. How does it work? The program is a process called sponsor, sponsor, sponsor. The program has an estimated 97 percent approval rate. It allows the foreign worker to apply for permanent residence by submitting his or her work authorization card as evidence of the authorization. It then directs the visa applicant to file his or her I-9 with DHS, and the DHS computer system scans these documents for any criminal convictions, deportation, or other relevant information. Does the work visa process have an expiry date? Yes.
Is there a due date for I-9 ?
If I-9's not due any sooner than 15 days after an application is filed, can I still file? Are there any conditions on what I can use I-9 for? Yes. Under I-9, a natural-born citizen shall file for naturalization if that person has not been in immigration or naturalization proceedings for 12 months before I-9 filing. A lawful permanent resident applicant is able to file at any time (except for the six years between I-9 filing and the month in which an individual becomes a citizen, if he or she files I-9 within that 12-month window). A person who is a noncitizen who has been physically present in the United States for less than a year from one year before I-9 filing through the month in which the individual becomes a citizen, is still able to file for naturalization beginning on the fourth month after the month of entry into the United States. I-9 filing can be done through any immigration or citizenship court as long as the information on it is false or knowingly false. If I-9's are filed after expiration of time limits, can I still file? No. An individual who does not file by the due date or fails to file after such a filing is discovered by the INS may be removed for having committed fraud or deceit or willfully and knowingly making false statements related to immigration or naturalization matters. I-9 filing does not guarantee admission and admission may depend on other factors, including medical, other information, family circumstances, and other circumstances. A waiver of inadmissibility to the United States will not waive inadmissibility to any other country. Does I-9 serve as a clearance certificate from the INS for employment, immigration and naturalization? No, the I-9 does not qualify as legal certification that the individual is eligible for admission to the country, and it is not a document considered to be evidence of the individual's admission. Only the Form I-797, Notice of Action or Consent to File, and Form I-797A, Affidavit of Support, are considered evidence that the individual has made a request for admission pursuant to INA 212(a)(1)(B) or that the individual or the individual's spouse or parent has signed a written statement of support for the individual's application and has provided the same documentation to the INS. Are there any restrictions on whom I may file for naturalization? No.
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